Professional and Expert Logistics Partner

Witness Logistics is a Ghanaian logistics and transportation company formed in 2017. 

our team of logisticians and transportation professionals with much experience in the industry with projects in Ghana and its environs and our experience in the industry, with focus on freight forwarding, supply team management and project logistics.

Our Core Values, Mission and Vision

At Witness Logistics, we aim to emerge as the torchbearer in the logistics industry in Ghana. Our vision is to establish transparent  Logistics as the most grounded worldwide logistics & supply chain management company as a trusted partner to all our clients. We envision to surpass our success & customer loyalty level from year to year.


The mark of any great service a company provides is in its measure of quality and its adherence to excellence as a common standard. Witness Logistics understands this basic concept and strives to maintain a high quality of the logistics services it provides to each and every one of its customers at any given time.


WL has made great efforts to gain the trust of its clients, and WL has worked (and will work) even harder to maintain that trust and goodwill. Trust is the foundation on which the international logistics company’s client-list was built, and it is the trust that WL has subsequently guarded that will keep the company among the ranks of the best logistics companies in Ghana


Witness Logistics has a deep amount of respect for its customers, it employees, and the laws by which its ventures are governed. Witness Logistics believes no relationship can succeed without respect, and the company acknowledges and appreciates that its packers and movers business would not have reached the pinnacle it has today were it not for its business relationships with its customers and colleagues